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From: "Roberta (Fulton) Hirth" <>
Subject: [FULTON] Samuel Fulton and Hugh Barclay in Colerain Twp, Lanc Co, PA 1738
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 07:58:07 -0500

Subject: Re: Bart Township
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 13:20:57 EST
Margie Barclay writes: "... The Middle Octarara Presbyterian
Church was founded in 1738 by my ancestor Hugh BARCLAY, among others."

Dear Margie,
I am enclosing some information on some Hugh Barclay men as it relates to Fultons.
Please provide me some more information about your Hugh Barclay.

*** A Samuel Fulton and Hugh Barclay in 1738/1739 **
I obtained copies of some of the land warranty maps for Coleraine
Township, Lancaster Co, PA from the Lancaster County Historical
Society. A Hugh Barclay is listed as owning the following:
Lot 48 Hugh Barclay 259 1/4 acres, Warranty 29 Oct 1735, Survey about year 1736.
Lot 49 B-5-102 Hugh Barclay, 64 acres, warranty 23 April 1748, survey 27 ? 1750.

In the Journal Lancaster Co Historical Society volume 26 page 55-56 is
an abstract of Docket Nos 1 and 2 of the Court of Quarter Sessions of
Lancaster Co, PA dealing with the creation of roads. It discusses the
creation of a road in 1738-1739 at the Octoraro Forks to the Middle
Octoraro Church.

** quote from Journal begins **

" At the August Court 1738, there is a record of a petition of the
inhabitants of Middle Octoraro in Drumore Township setting forth
their hardships and inconvenience for want of a road to Meeting-House, Mills
and Lancaster Town. They pray that a road may be laid out from
Samuel Fulton's plantation near said Creek to Lancaster and likewise to
a branch near the center of the inhabitants to lead to Buckley's Mill. Viewers
were appointed to lay out a road from said Fulton's to a road
leading to said Mill near Henry Frye's or Frye's, and to branch to said
Mill, near Daniel McConnnel's; and to make report(1 D. 234). 'Said Creek',
must refer to Middle Octoraro. The western branch of Octoraro forks; and the
larger or eastern fork passes or flows, down between the Eastern Branch
and the rest of the Western Branch. It flows southward through the middle
of present Bart Township - at that time, Sadsbury Township; of February
1738 set out, in a petition of the inhabitants about the 'Forks'
hence it is 'Middle Octoraro.'
The records of November 1738 Court are missing; but the minutes of
February 1739 are set out in a petition of the inhabitants about the
'Fork of Octoraro', that road was laid out pursuant to an Order to
August Term from Samuel Fulton's plantation towards Lancaster and the
inhabitants did not have notice of the same. It is further stated that,
the road so laid out parallels another road not a mile distant in part.
Viewers were asked, for a remedy of this and were appointed. This
proves that the first viewers did lay out a road.
The second viewers so appointed, laid out the roads asked for and
made return to May Court 1739 (See 1 D. 249). The road laid out begins
at Fulton's plantation and it trends northward by John McConnell's
and Hugh Buckley's by Mathew Patten's on to John Reid's ground and
on to a road formerly laid out, being to this point, about 3 1/12 miles;
it then goes down through 'a stony valley' to 'Cotter's Creek' and one branch
bears to Lancaster and the other towrd the Buckleys Mill road. Near the
beginning of the road, just after Hugh Barkley's land is passed, a northwest
course of half a mile leads to 'School House Branch.'
This is a very interesting road. The Middle Octoraro Meeting House is the
one on Meeting House Branch of Middle Octoraro. The School House Branch
is one a little farther south. No doubt it was a Church School. But we have
no evidence of that fact in these records. The 'Stony Valley' is one to the
north of the Meeting House in the diection of the Old Cooper Mines.
There is some haziness as to just where Fulton's plantation is, but
it is stated to be at the 'Forks' of Octoraro and that can mean only the
point where Meeting House Branch joins the main west branch of Octoraro.
See same on the map designated '1-249' etc."

** quote from Journal ends **

Although the map in the Journal shows this road starting in the northwest corner
of Colerain Township, Lancaster Co, PA and running in a north by northwest
direction up through current Eden Township, based on my analysis of plotting
the names mentioned in this article on a warranty map, I believe the road
may have acutally have started a few miles lower in the southern portion
of Colerain Township and ran north/northwest. I found lots for all those
mentioned except the Samuel Fulton (the one I am looking for !) in the
correct sequence and direction in Coleraine Township with warrants
in the 1730-1750s.
Daniel McConnel Lot #1
Jno. McConnell Lots 59,60,61,62,63
John McConnel Lot 83
Hugh Barclay Lots 48/49
Matthew Patten Lot 24
John Reid Lot 12
More analysis of the Eden Township warranty maps is needed.

Then there is a much later patent on lot 98 on the East Branch of the Octoraro
all the way in the southern part of Coleraine Township as follows:
James Purtle (I wonder if we later see this named spelled as Purdie)
Lot 98, A-26-155, 106 acres, warrant 9br-2-1737, sur 9br-22-1737,
-a- 62 acres-92 ps, Pat Jan 31 1901 to Wm T. Fulton, H-75-711. This Wiliam T.
Fulton is from the John Fulton b 1713 Lanarkshire, Scotland line who settles
in Oxford, Chester Co, PA. William T. Fulton b 1835 in West Nottingham
Twp, Chester Co, PA, He becomes a lawyer and settles in Oxford. His
biography appears in History of Chester Co by Futhey/Cope on page 555.
He is the brother to Hugh Ramsey Fulton who wrote the book about John
Fulton b 1713 mentioned above. I have no idea how this relates to the
Samuel Fulton of 1738.

*** Is your Hugh Barclay of Middle Octoraro Church related to the Hugh below ?**
1 John FULTON b ca 1723, d 3 or 5 Apr 1803 80th year [1]
From Rathmelton, Ireland.
Brother to James FULTON the Phil merchant.
1790 census Lac Borourgh,PA shows John FULTON
and 3 free white females [1]
1779 Tax list Lanc Boro [PA S3 xvii p 606]
+ Elizabeth HARRIS d age 100 living with granddau at Georgetown,
Washingtown, D.C. Interred in Oak Hill Cemetery in the
Davidson lot. [Roberta's Note: I feel her age is significant
because it means that a wife of a member of this family who
claims a collateral relationship to steamboat Robert was alive
not only during steamboat Robert's accomplishments but also
alive when his father lived in Lancaster Co. and she could
tell her family a first-hand account from her memories.]
b. 1732 in Rathmelton, Ireland, m there [2]
d at "Ever May", Georgetown, MD20 Jan 1831 [2}
2 Samuel FULTON [2]
2 Elizabeth FULTON b 15 Aug 1762 [2]
d 2 Nov 1823 age 61 yr 2 mos 18 da [2]
+ Henry BALL m 17 Oct 1789 [2]
m at Trinity Lutheran Church [1]
[position of the following suggests they are the children
of the above, but it is not explicitly stated]
3 Blakall/Blackall William BALL b 19 Jan 1791 [2]
+ Mary CLAY m 30 May 1816
d Apr 1824 age 25 in Cincinatti, OH [2]
3 John Fulton BALL b 5 May 1792 [2]
3 Elisabeth Harris BALL b 19 Feb 1796 [2]
+ John W GORDON m 31 Aug 1819 [2]
d Fayetteville, TN [2]
3 Thomond BALL b 21 March 1796,d 31 Jan 1824 28 yr[2]
+ Ellen --- m 1823 [2]
3 Henry BALL b 22 Sept 1797 [2]
+ Caroline FROWERT m 15 Mar 1826 [2]
3 Samuel BALL b 10 April 1799, d 28 Aug 1823 at
Natchez MS 24 yr 4 mos 18 da [2]
3 George H BALL b 13 Feb 1801 [2]
+ Mary S. -- m 12 Dec 1823
3 Robert Harris BALL b 10 July 1802 [2]
+ Eliza Virginia LEATHERS
m 26 May 1829 in Campbell Co, KY [2]
4 Jane Elizabeth BALL b 13 Nov 1831,d 8 Jul 1837[2]
4 Samuel A. M. Shippen BALL b 7 June 1834,d 1 Aug 1835[2]
4 Isabell Francis BALL b 23 Oct 1835, d 27 Oct 1835
3 Margaret BALL b 19 Aug 1805 , d 6 Aug 1806
2 Margaret FULTON [1,2]
+ George BALL of Philadelphia
3 Robert BALL
3 George BALL
3 to other BALL children
2 Esther "Hetty" or "Nellie" FULTON [1] [this child not listed
in source 2, so maybe this child does not belong in this line]
+ Hugh BARCLAY of Bedford m 24 May 1791 in Trinity
Lutheran Church [1]
(childr:John, Samuel, Hetty)
2 Sarah FULTON [1,2]
+ William CRAWFORD [2] a merchant of Lancaster Co, PA
m 17 June 1796 St James Epis Ch Rec by Rev Rigg[3,p45]
moves to Georgetown, Washington, D.C. [1]
3 Annie CRAWFORD [1]
3 Eliza CRAWFORD [1]
3 Julia CRAWFORD [1]
3 William CRAWFORD [1]
3 Richard CRAWFORD [1]
2 Jane FULTON (1768-1847) b Rathmelton Ireland [1,2]
+ Samuel MOORE of Lebanon in 1792 [1]
m 1 Sept 1791 St James Epis Ch Rec [1,3-p42]
1st Lt, 2nd Regt, PA Batallion 5 jan 1776 [1]
Capt in the PA line of the Rev [2]
Capt Samuel Moore's Co Roll, 3rd PA Regt 10 Sept 1778 [1]
PA Arch S5 ii p 941.
Promoted Cpat 11 Nov 1776 PaArch S5 ii p 110 [1]
Associate Judge of courts Dauphin Co, PA [2]
Applicant for associate judge Pa Arch S5 ii p 912. [1]
3 Lydia MOORE [1]
+ John REYNOLDS (1820-1863)
4 John Fulton REYNOLDS 1820-1863
(General of Civil War fame)[1,2]
4 William REYNOLDS Rear admiral U.S.N. [2]

It mentions that Elizabeth Harris Fulton's sisters were
Mrs. Stevenson Archer and Mrs. Samuel Turbot who also came to
this country. Mr. & Mrs Archer settled in Maryland. [1]

Two sisters as well as her husband preceded Elizabeth Harris Fulton
to America. One sister marrying Samuel Turbutt of Northumberland Co,
and the other Dr Stephenson Archer of harford Co, MD. Elizabeth came
ca 1773. Elizabeth kept a select schools at Lanc PA and Robert
Fulton (steamboat) attended. [2].

Source 1: Eleanore Jane Fulton/ Presbyterian Collection, Manuscript
Group 50, Folders 31 and 39 loose papers, located at the Lancaster
Co Historical Society, Lancaster, PA; Some of Eleanore Jane Fulton's
notes and correspondence with descendants of John Fulton/Elizabeth
Harris's branch (from a Col J.F.R. Scott, May 20, 1946: a copy of
a paper - possibly Mother's writing and other papers and letters
of both Hoffmans & Evans).

Source 2: Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families From the Pennsylvania
Genealogical Magazine, Vol III, Indexed by Robert and Catherine Barnes,
Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, 1982, p 642-643.

Source 3: The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography
containing Egle's Notes & Queries, 1897.


Roberta R. (Fulton) Hirth
Harriman, New York 10926

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