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From: "Roberta (Fulton) Hirth" <>
Subject: [FULTON] Fultons and Barclays in Ayrshire, in Colerain NI, in southeast PA
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2001 08:22:15 -0400
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Recent personal notes to me on Barclays from
a) (Peregrine B. Spiegel)
b) (Margie Barclay)

c) Subject: [FULTON] Samuel Fulton and Hugh Barclay in Colerain Twp, Lanc Co, PA
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 07:58:07 -0500

Dear Margie,
You asked me about whether or not I knew Ann Irwin who sent you a note yesterday.
Yes, I sent your attachment to Ann Irwin because your information on
the Barclays in Colerain Twp, Lancaster Co, PA and their migration to Bedford Co
PA and to Rockbridge Co, VA opens up a wealth of leads for her Fulton family
in Bedford Co, PA. I also sent it to Pat Stark because her Fultons end
in in Grayson Co, VA and your post on the Southern Lancaster Co Historical
Society web page mentions the migration of your Hugh
Barclay to Rockbridge Co, VA. Based on our past correspondence, I understand that
you do not have any further information on the Hettie/Hetty Fulton other than what
was contained in your attachment. I asked about receiving your generations
report attachment on your earlier Barclays in PA hoping that the Barclay migration
path to VA would be more fully documented. Ann, Pat, and I have a consuming habit
of studying Fulton migration, not just of our separate Fulton lines, but in
the broader sense as well. Although we are not related as far as we know, our common
love of Fulton research has brought us together and we have taken trips to
Ireland, Scotland and other places together in pursuing this passion. That
was the reason I started the FULTON-L discussion group in 1996, first on
the old Maiser server and then on ROOTSWEB server to help facilitate communication.

Based on your forwarding my note about Ayrshire Barclays to your cousin Peregrine,
she responded to me directly that your Barclays are from Irvine, Ayrshire. That
it absolutely magnificant. Another Fulton who is researching a James Fulton who
died 1772 in Hopewell Township, York Co, PA and who came from Fenwick, Ayrshire
area near Stewarton and Kilmarnock. That is barely 10 miles northeast of Irvine.
We believe this James Fulton first settled in Little Britain Township, Lancaster Co
PA ca 1754 on 144 acres from James McAfee on the Octoraro Creek
before migrating to York Co, PA. And we believe that the John Fulton
in Oxford,Chester Co, PA who come from the Glasgow, Scotland area may be James
Fulton's son.

Now your Barclay migration from Ayrshire to Colerain Twp, PA is as least a generation
earlier than these Fultons, so it may represent a chain migration. Pergerine
had asked me about the source of my information of Barclays from Ayrshire.
It was not your specific family, but rather the generic cluster of names of Barclay
as documented in the book, The Surnames of Scotland Their Origin and Meaning
and History by Dr. George F. Black, New York Public Library, 1946. On page 54
he describes that the Barclay name probably originated in the town of Berkeley
in Gloucestershire, England. He then explains occurrences in Scotland and
states, "They are also found settled in Ayrshire in the beginning of the
fifteenth century."

Peregrine told me that your Barclays went from Irvine, Ayrshire to
Colerain, Northern Ireland before settling in Colerain Twp, Lancaster Co,
PA. Barclays in Colerain, Northern Ireland - another wonderful piece of
information. We have numerous documented events of Fultons from Colerain/
Londonderry, Ulster moving to PA. Peregrine asked me to elaborate
on my comment to you in a previous note:
"Barclay is a surname that frequently appears in Ayrshire Scotland before
migrating to Northern Ireland and then to PA. That is the same migration path
that the Fultons followed. And their association with the Middle Octararo
Presbyterian Church further cements my theory that these folks migrated as
a community. Many of these Fultons in the southeast section of PA and MD border
migrated either directely from the Ayrshire, Scotland region or from Londonderry,
Northern Ireland." For example, Jeff Miller is studying a William Fulton and
Susannah Keys who in 1779 obtain land in West Caln Twp, Chester Co, Pa and
are buried in Upper Octoraro Cemetery. William's brother David in 1785 dies in
Ireland, leaves an inheritance to William's children. We do not know exactly
where in Ireland this David is from. But in 1753 William Fulton, James Key
Junior and William Clark are witnesses to William Campbell's will in Chester Co
Pa and he mentions his brother Alexander Campbell living in "McCaskey Parish"
Ireland. We believe this is Macosquin Parish, which in Samuel Lewis's book
A Topographical Dictionary in Ireland is described as a parish in the
barony of Coleraine, County of Londonderry, province of Ulster 2 miles
(S.S.W.) from Colerain on the road to Dublin. It is near the River Bann.
There is also an Abraham Fulton and wife Margeret Guthrie from Dunboe Parish,
barony of Coleraine, county of Londonderry, province of Ulster, 5 miles
(W. by N.) from Coleriane who initially settle in Paxtang Twp (former Lancaster
Co, current Dauphin Co) and whose son James sell 103 acres named Dunboe
in 1775 before moving to Westmoreland Co, PA. And as I had mentioned
to you before, we believe the Hetty/Hettie Fulton
who married the Hugh Barclay, a collateral line of yours, may be the daughter
of John Fulton from Rathmelton, Co Donegal (across from Londonderry City)
brother of the James Fulton Philadelphia merchant. John settles in
Lancaster (city), PA. And then there is the family tradition in my line which
describes how my James Fulton b 1739 in Dalkeith/Musselburgh Scotland marries
a Nancy Cunningham from Stewarton, Ayrshire, SCT and his half-Uncle Henry Fulton
moves to Co Londonderry, Province Ulster, Ireland and Henry's son Robert
Fulton moves to Lancaster Co, PA.

I am going to post this note on the FULTON-L list in hopes that some of
our Fulton researchers in Scotland, England, and Ireland may be able to shed
some light on possible connections of Barclays and Fultons on the other
side of the Atlantic. (Folks, if you have any information, please
carbon copy Margie and Peregrine since they are not on our FULTON-L lsit.)
My sisters and I are leaving for Ireland tomorrow. I will keep my eyes open
for possible Barclay/Fulton connections.

Roberta R. (Fulton) Hirth
Harriman, New York 10926

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