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From: Brian Randell <>
Subject: Re: SURNAMES
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 12:45:57 +0100

Hi Camilla:

>Camilla von Massenbach wrote:

>The guiding principle here is that we want the data exactly as it
>appears in the index - so if it isn't capitalised there, it shouldn't be
>in the input. I'm not hugely in favour of the capitalisation convention,
>because it mangles names like Gemmingen von Massenbach or DeVries. That
>said, I see no reason we shouldn't offer it as an option on _output_ for
>those that like it that way.

I agree fully that the data should be transcribed exactly as perceived.
However, in another project (transcription of Clovelly land taxes) what I
found useful was to provide some double fields in my database, one giving
the item as transcribed, the other giving the standardised spelling for it.
Clearly, the better the searching facilities, the less such a scheme is
needed, but it is worth considering, I suggest.


Brian Randell

PS I trust you can persuade Mike Foster to take part in this mailing list.

PS I'm glad to see Peter Abbot is joining the list - obviously, links
between FreeBMD and his Civil Registration pages will be very useful

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