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From: Graham Hart <>
Subject: Re: New volunteer
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 09:09:17 +0100


oops, this was meant to go directly to Kathy ! ..

As it's here now.. for those volunteering it contains the questions that
I need answered :))



Graham Hart wrote:
> Hi Kathy,
> Thanks for offering to volunteer :))
> wrote:
> > I've been collecting BMD index pages from SLC for the names that I'm
> > researching and I'm willing to transcribe information from them.
> ok, we are interested in any records you have but, for the main
> co-ordinated transcription we are interested in volunteers who are
> willing to join a syndicate that transcribes a whole quarter or year of
> records. This involves all names rather than just the ones you are
> interested in ...
> So, I need to know if you are interested in joining a syndicate or not.
> I have appended to the end of this email the email I sent to the other
> volunteers this morning. If you are interested in joining a syndicate
> could you please read it and reply to me with answers to the questions.
> It will help me to know which syndicate to put you in ...
> ok .. thanks again for volunteering and welcome to the project :))
> cheers
> Graham
> ===========
> Hi,
> You are receiving this email becuase the FreeBMD project has you on
> record as having volunteered to be a transcriber.
> If you haven't volunteered or are unable to transcribe, please respond
> letting me know and i will remove you from the list.
> For the rest of you ...
> I am in the process of sorting out the starting syndicates for the
> project and I need some information from each of you to help me sort
> things out a bit.
> Some of you will have already given this information before on the list,
> but I would like to make sure things are up to date.
> There will be two kinds of transcribers: Transcribers and
> Co-ordinators. A Co-ordinator will runa syndicate or assist in running
> a syndicate by allocating ranges to the other transcribers, helping with
> questions and liaising with the FreeBMD project Leadership. A
> Co-ordinator, of course, can also be a transcriber. A Transcriber is
> someone who transcribes records for the project.
> ok .. here are the questions ....
> What is the capital of Mongolia ?
> ...oops wrong list...
> 1. Are you willing to be a Co-ordinator ?
> 2. Are you willing to be a transcriber ?
> 3. Where are you ? Country and Area/Town please.
> 4. Do you have a fiche reader yourself ?
> 5. Do you have a film reader yourself ?
> 6. Do you have access to a fiche reader ?
> 7. Do you have access to a film reader ?
> 8. Do you have access to source material in a cheap and usable way ?
> 9. Are you willing to purchase some fiche/film ?
> 10. Have you purchased some fiche/film ?
> 10. Do you have a submitter id on the system ?
> 11. Have you successfully contributed any data ?
> 12. Have you set-up any kind of data entry system for this data that may
> be of use to others ?
> 13. Have you started to transcribe a range, already ?
> 14. Was this range allocated through FreeBMD ?
> 15. Do you have others who have joined you ? Please list them
> ok, I think that is it for the moment. I will use this list to talk to
> you over the next few weeks. You are all blind copied on this message so
> you don't end up replying to each other by accident :))
> We have a new list for syndicates and I will let you kow how to get onto
> it in a future message, at the moment we are just setting the mechanics
> of it up.
> The idea of the new list is to discuss specific transcription/syndicate
> issues as opposed to the Admins list which remains general info and
> suggestions... I will require at least one member of a syndicate to be
> on the syndicates list.
> I will gather your responses and see how many co-ordinators we have and
> how much source. I will then split people into syndicates. At the
> moment, I know of three people that have source in hand for the
> project: Louise Staley in New Zealand, Iris Hart (my mum) in Western
> Australia, and me in the UK.
> Louise's fiche was delivered as film and someone has taken it off her
> hands to get it changed to fiche. Iris' and my fiche arrived at my house
> this morning. I will be forwarding on set on to WA in the next day or
> so..
> The fiche I have is deaths 1875 and 1885 and consists of 19 fiche each.
> This means the max size for the syndicates is likely to be about 15.
> If people are using libraries and FHCs to access the source then the
> syndicates can probably contain as many people as are available.
> ok, that's enough waffle from me ... please answer back as soon as you
> can so I can start setting up the syndicates.
> Thanks a lot for your help and thank you all for volunteering.
> Graham
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