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From: "Linda Bailey" <>
Subject: Re: Districts
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 21:11:01 -0000

With reference to the districts, I have found the book 'A comedy of Errors'
Michael Whitefield Foster a great help for those entries which are not
immediately obvious. It contains a list of the districts under each Ref for
several different years, eg.1844, 1849, 1856 and 1891.

For those difficult to decipher districts I check under the appropriate ref
for the nearest match district (you can usually read some part of the entry
to be able to match). Once you look again at the district, it is usually
obvious whether this match is correct or not.

However if an entry is given abbreviated, then this is what I put in, thus
Bethnal Green, has been seen as Bethnal Grn, Bethnal G and Bethnal Gn,
similarly Bradford Yorks is often given as Bradford Y. Just as Wm would be
left as such for a forename.

Yesterday I had a entry which clearly said Arminster in 5b. I left it as
Arminster though it shough probably be Axminster....but is it my place to
change what it says, after all maybe it should have read Warminster which
is in 5a.

Bear in mind too that some people may not be too familiar with names of
places/registration districts.

Perhaps some 'official' guidelines would help to assist us.

Linda Bailey
(Royton, Nr Oldham, Lancashire,England)
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