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From: "Allan Raymond" <>
Subject: Re: options
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 22:47:11 -0000

Depends, whether there is an asterisk or something similar on the Index
denoting the location of the handwritten entry.

Please see our Transcribers' Knowledge Base at: for the definitive instruction.

"If the appropriate point for insertion is shown by “x” dagger asterisk etc.
then transcribe the extra record as if it was actually at that point (option
a). If no insertion point is shown, then insert at the bottom of the page or
column as shown on the manuscript."

Allan Raymond

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From: C Goddard <>
To: <>
Date: 02 March 2004 22:27
Subject: Re: options

>>Entries must be transcribed in the order that they appear. You must
>not correct the sequence.<
>Does this instruction include handwritten entries added at the bottom of a
typed page?
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