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From: "Laurence Clark" <>
Subject: RE: WinBMD Problems
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 18:51:03 +0100
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To Debz etc.

Many thanks to everyone who gave me the benefit of their experiences of the
problems I have had. I have tried reinstalling (having removed all
references to WinBMD), running with compatibility as XP, and running as
Administrator - all to no avail. As far as the ActiveX settings are
concerned, while I can see which ActiveX Add-ons are present, I can see no
obvious candidate that is affecting WinBMD.

Hopefully, David Mayall will have some good news when he has set-up his
Vista test-bed.

Once again, many thanks,


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From: Debz [mailto:]
Sent: 01 May 2007 20:18
Subject: Re: WinBMD Problems

Hi Laurence
I have also changes computers and thankfully I have had no trouble with
Although a few in my syndicate have using different operating systems.
My suggestion to them my well help you.
If you uninstall WinBMD and then do a search for WinBMD files and folders
and delete anything you find except the output folder.
Empty your temp internet files and also temp files restart your computer and

download the program again. When it is installed before opening in right
click on WinBMD and select properties, then compatibility tab and check run
this program in XP, apply and ok.
Hopefully all will be well
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From: "Laurence Clark" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 4:53 AM
Subject: WinBMD Problems

> Recently, I have had to replace my PC, and the new one came with Windows
> Vista. I have encountered three problems, and would appreciate any help
> if
> others have had similar experiences.
> 1. After re-installing all of the relevant software for WinBMD, I
> attempted
> to continue with the transcriptions allocated to me (1913BO0216-0220).
> However, The Forename and District drop-down lists show NO entries. I was
> reluctant to populate the Supplementary lists with each new Forename or
> District, particularly as the files in the 'Files' folder
> (WinBMD_Districts.txt [43KB], WinBMD_Name2.txt [6KB],
> WinBMD_Supp_Districts.txt [0KB]) and 'Original Files' folders
> (WinBMD_Districts.txt [43KB], WinBMD_Name.txt [6KB], WinBMD_Name2.txt
> [6KB],
> WinBMD_Supp_Districts.txt [0KB]) appear to show the right sort of
> information.
> 2. The format of the Help file (created in Windows Help format) is not
> supported in Windows Vista. Is there a Windows Vista version in the
> offing?
> 3. Having uninstalled and re-installed WinBMD a few times, now I can't
> even
> run WinBMD, as any attempt to load the program results in the following
> Error message being displayed:
> Run-time error '429':
> ActiveX component can't create object
> Until this last problem is resolved, I am unable to continue with my
> transcriptions.
> HELP please.
> Laurence Clark
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