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From: "Brian Smart" <>
Subject: RE: Email addresses on f=FreeBMD Search pages
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 12:23:14 +0100
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Hello David,
This is not correct. I never changed anything to suggest that I had
knowledge of the transcribed data but somehow the system got changed. I
would suggest that everybody is reset to the no knowledge option as this is
appropriate for virtually everybody.

Brian Smart

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> Subject: Re: Email addresses on f=FreeBMD Search pages
> Quoting Nancy Frey <>:
> > Hi Kevin,
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> > I have no problem with my eMail being made public. But I am not happy
> > with the direction that FreeBMD is giving to those using the site to
> > contact the transcriber as they have an interest in the area. That may
> > be true in some cases, but certainly not in most. Can some
> > consideration be given to deleting this direction?
> The text stating that the transcriber may have an interest in the
> records is
> NOT displayed by default. It is only displayed where the transcriber
> explicitly changes their profile to cause it to be displayed.
> The case that started this thread was one where the original
> transcriber had
> set the flag to invite e-mails, but was no longer contactable,
> and the user id
> had been transferred to the co-ordinator.
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