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From: "Frank Hodgson" <>
Subject: Windows Vista and WinBMD
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 12:52:09 -0000

I have recently purchased a brand new computer which came pre-installed with Windows Vista (Home Premium version). (Big mistake!!)

I installed WinBMD which seemed to work at first. I copied a partially completed transcription file (previously saved and backed up in Windows XP) to the Output folder and was able to open it. I continued to work on it, only to find that I could not save my work by using the "Save Batch and Exit" facilities. When I closed the file all the recent work was lost. When opened again the file was still in it's previous partially completed state.

I have completely uninstalled WinBMD and all reference to it on my computer. Following advice from my Syndicate Co-ordinator I have read the Transcriber Knowledge Base and the Archived messages, from November 2007, on this subject and have ensured that "User Account Control" is switched ON.

I re-installed WinBMD but now find that I cannot open the program at all. When trying to open the program I get the "Run-time error 429 ActiveX component can't create object" error message mentioned by other FreeBMD members in the Archives.

Has anyone successfully overcome this problem please? I wonder how many people have been unable to continue as transcribers because of it. Advice would be extremely welcome.

Frank Hodgson

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