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From: John Crew <>
Subject: Re: Slow downloading of scanned indexes
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 14:56:09 +0000
References: <16A111E26F2D4BDDB9AEFB1E726D5E44@JEFFNPAT>
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I have replied off list.

Because this is a technical problem, it probably isn't appropriate for
further discussion here. Therefore, can I respectfully ask for no
further postings on this subject.

Many thanks for all the replies. They were very much appreciated.

Kind regards,


PTW wrote:
> Hi John,
> you say it might be a problem with your Broadband provider. Obviously, I don't know what set-up you have but I notice you are based in England and use BTinternet. You might try this - Microsoft XP users - on the bottom right-hand side of the taskbar hover your mouse over the twin monitor icon, a pop-up box should appear and give the speed and data received and sent, check this occasionally. If the icon is not there click 'Start' click 'Connect to' click 'BT ISP logo' . The same information is shown.
> I also use BTinternet and have found it to be very, very reliable with the correct speed shown every time I've checked.
> Regards
> Jeff
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