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From: "Patricia O'Connor" <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V00 #7
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 08:53:07 -0700

Thank you, Rod, they look much better. I appreciate your help.


> Subject: [FreeHelp] Resizing graphics - for Patricia
> Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2000 22:52:26 +0000
> From: Rod Neep <>
> To:
> In article <>, Patricia O'Connor <p-
> > writes
> >Rod, thanks for the advice. I went in and redid everything from Word to
> >aolPRESS. Now I have another problem. I have two graphics that I
> >imported from a disk (freeware :) ), but there is no size on them and
> >they take up the whole screen. Another shows a broken link and won't
> >appear. Can you tell me how to make the two small and what I am doing
> >wrong on the other?
> >
> >My home page is
> >the graphics are on the page for Fred Family.
> 1. home.jpg is 101012 bytes (101Kb) (file size)
> and physical size 482x390
> 2. frontierman.jpg is 178971 bytes (180Kb)
> and 817x1033
> They are much too large as you say.... and because of the large file
> size they take *ages* to display live on the net. To cure those two you
> will need to open the pictures in a graphics editing program such as
> PaintShop Pro (that's the one I use), and re-size them to:
> frontierman.jpg 150x90 pixels
> (which gives a file size of 10k from 178k)
> home.jpg 150x121 pixels
> (which gives a file size of 9k from 101k)
> that makes them a reasonable physical size and a data file size which
> will now load in 2 seconds.
> (In case you don't have Paintshop Pro... I'll send you a private e-mail
> with those two doctored files attached)
> By the way... when you open the page in AOL Press with those pictures in
> it, at first they will still display very large. Double click on the
> picture, on the menu select "Element" and "Image" and type in the new
> height and width that I gave you above.
> It *is* possible to do this with the large files you have,
> but *don't* !!!
> *Always* have the *actual* picture size in here.
> (There's no sense in reducing the display size on the page if the file
> size is still huge and slow to display - see what I mean? That is what
> MS Word was doing when you used that).
> 3. the family picture *file* is *named" fred%20.jpg
> but in the page code you have:
> <IMG SRC="fred family.jpg" ALIGN="Top">
> The *space between fred and family is the problem!
> rename the file as fredfamily.jpg
> and in your page code have
> <IMG SRC="fredfamily.jpg" ALIGN="Top">
> Avoid having spaces in file names!!! That is really important!
> Now... one of the great things about Paintshop Pro, when used for jpg
> files, is that it will save them with file compression. This is a
> "trick" that it uses to reduce the file size, and as long as the
> compression ratio is not too great (keep it at the default setting),
> then the quality hardly suffers at all to the naked eye when viewed on
> screen.
> your fredfamily.jpg file was 52Kb .... all I did was open it into PSP
> and save it again... and it is now 26Kb.... that means it will display
> on your page twice as fast!
> There you go...
> best regards
> Rod
> --
> Rod Neep - Gloucestershire, England
> Web pages about English parish baptism, marriage & burial registers.
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