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From: Rod Neep <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] website
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 03:39:45 +0000

In article <00f901bf597d$0a0447e0$>, Paul Smith
<> writes

>It's best to have everything in the same directory so you don't have to
>reference subdirectories

Paul !!!

erm.... Sir, I would respectfully beg to differ
(that's the English gentleman in me),
but what I'm really thinking is: "absolute rubbish!" <grin>

If you have a filing system available, you put:

graphics in a graphics folder
SMITH family stuff in a SMITH folder
JONES family stuff in a JONES folder
Photos of SMITH family in a sub folder of SMITH called /smith/photos

and so on.... you don't just open the door to the room where you store your
stuff and just throw it all in! All mixed up!

So do the same with the files on your hard disk!! Otherwise you will
certainly reach a situation where you can't find files!

>but if things are in the same subdirectories on
>both your local drive and the web server then your links should be OK.

Dead right they will!

so have a folder on your own hard disk called:


and in that a sub folder called
(which is equivalent to the genealogy_html folder on the Rootsweb server)

in that, have your index.htm file (and other general page files)

then have sub folders, e.g.
\web\rwfreepages\graphics guess what goes in there ?
\web\rwfreepages\smith for all Smith stuff
and so on.

(Note that at some time in the future you may have another separate set of
web pages on a different server, and therefore this filing system allows you
to have: \web\anotherserver\ )

Have *exactly* the same directory structure on the Rootsweb server!

a link from the index page to a graphic would then be:
<IMG SRC="graphics/whatever.jpg" ALT="a description of the graphic"
WIDTH="346" HEIGHT="104"></FONT>

a link from the index page to the SMITH index file would be

<A HREF="smith/index.htm">Smith Family</A>

a "long" link to a Jones photo from your home page would be
<IMG SRC="jones/photos/jonespic1.jpg" ALT="a description of the graphic"
WIDTH="346" HEIGHT="104"></FONT>

Get the filing structure (directory structure) correct at an early stage and
as your web site grows with sub topics then your structure can grow with it.
Some of the directories are really quite deep on some of my larger sites.


which is really one of my own domain names
fddc Forest of Dean District Council
tourist Tourist department
accom accommodation index
hotels hotels index

which keeps all hotels together.
fddc has other sub folders
tourist has other sub folders
accom has inns, bb, self-cater, guest-houses, camping... and so on
(all of them have their own index.htm or index.html)
and even hotels has its own graphics folder.

without the organisation of files into folders and sub folders, the filing
system would be a total nightmare.

But if you want to view the "home page" look simply at:
which has links to all the other 1000+ pages on the site!
(even including some genealogy stuff about the area)

My own family history folders have a similar structure.

Rod Neep - Gloucestershire, England

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