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From: "Kyle and Evelyn Long" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V00 #37
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 09:43:58 -0600

Here is what I do , I might as well throw my 2 cents in here for what its
worth , I let rootsweb world connect handle the family tree stuff then i ,
my main directory has everything needed for the main index page basically
the front door to my site, then my subdirectory are my surname , for right
know , Brooks , Millington , within the Brooks subdirectory you will find
subdirectory for samuel1819 ,samuel1742 ect ect I do this because this will
contain the photos and documentation, wills of these people and there wives

then my main brooks page will say this will be within a table
{ it starts at generation 1 and continue on other pages }

Generation five

Samuel Brook 1819 Married Nancy Chappel there children were
[Joel] [Samuel] [Sarah]

ect { when there is a document for Samuel or who ever that name is linked

then at the bottom of the Brooks surname page you will find this
Generations [1] [2] [3] [3]

this is linked to each generation page
this is strictly for documents stories and photos each of my pages has a
search window for my gedcom at world connect this way I only have to update
my gedcom and add the documentation as I scan it or get new info I do not
have to rework my whole site every time I add new folks , it is just what I
have found to work Best on a Genealogy site


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From: "Patricia O'Connor" <>
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Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2000 8:48 AM
Subject: [FreeHelp] Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V00 #37

> Thanks, Paul, I guess I'll leave them the way they are.
> Pat
> Researching Browning, Cain, Chapman, Cheshire, Colescott,
> Corderman, Fred, Sexton, Spradling and Wilmouth
> Proud Rootsweb sponsor
> > Nope, that will break all the links Pat.
> >
> > I was recently taken to task for suggesting that all relevant files for
> > web site should be kept in the same folder. I ignored that missive but,
> > after some thought, felt I should at least make some observations.
> >
> > If I have several genealogies (e.g. one for each of my grandparents or
> > one-name studies for WHITE, SMITH, etc.), then I would put each website
> > its own subdirectory. I would keep all relevant files for each in a
> > directory however.
> >
> > If I only have one web page (one genealogy), then I will keep all files
> > the same directory. This keeps the links simple and practically
> > unbreakable.
> >
> > Also, I use Family Origins (FOW) to create my web site after which I
> > customize it. On my computer, all of my photos are in a subdirectory.
> > however, copies any linked photos into the project directory and makes
> > to them there so changing things to put photos into a subdirectory and
> > changing all the links would be a Major pain.
> >
> > So if you're building your web site by hand, from scratch, it might make
> > sense to have a subdirectory under each project folder for photos but I
> > don't see much advantage otherwise.
> >
> >
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