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From: Rod Neep <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Thanks for the help - JAZZIE
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 03:54:35 +0000

In article <>, Jazzie
<> writes
>Hello, Just wanted to thank everyone who tried to
>answer my question about my new page. I will try to
>use a table, after I learn how to do one. Someone ask
>why I use dots in my html. I have no ideal. This was
>the first time I use Aol Press 2.0 to create a page. I
>didn't know the dots were there. I also understand
>about the spaces now, but still don't know how to get
>everything align. I like to play with thing so I know
>I will get it one day. Again thanks for the help.

OK Jazzie...

What I think you are aiming for is this. Look at:

This is your page, which I loaded into AOL Press (which is the same as
you use), and edited it a little.


If you like it... and it does what you want it to do....

in your main directory, have just the index.htm file
What you can do is view the page as above in your browser, click on the
menu on "View ... Source" and then just save what you see (the html
code) onto your own hard disk wherever you have your web page files.
Call the file name index.htm

create a sub directory of that web page directory called

in there put all of your jpg and gif image files
make sure that the jpg files have the extensions .jpg and not .jpeg
(if not, then rename them using Windows Explorer - it will give you a
little beep warning and say are you sure... yes.. you are)

have exactly the same files and directories on your own hard disk, and
also on the Rootsweb server in your /genealogy_html/ directory.

Open the file index.htm using AOL Press, delete the two Rootsweb
banners. (I didn't add them, but Rootsweb did when it displays your
page). Just delete them on *your* copy of index.htm and then upload it
to the server again. (Otherwise you will end up with two sets of

Hope this helps

Now have a look using AOL Press at what I did. Note that it may not
display exactly the same in AOL Press as it does in your web browser!
The end effect is of course intended to be viewed with a browser.

Rod Neep - Gloucestershire, England

Web pages about English parish baptism, marriage & burial registers.

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