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Subject: [FreeHelp] re: Software recommendations?
Date: 05 Mar 2000 10:40:35 -0700

> Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 10:26:47 -0500
> From: Vanessa Stern <>
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> Subject: Software recommendations?
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> I am at the point where I am seriously considering purchasing web page
> design software. I was using a demo of Hippie, which was OK, but not
> great. Lately I've been using a trial copy of Claris Homepage, which
> expires in about 10 days. It is also OK, but lacks a few things. I have
> heard good things about Microsoft's Frontpage, but have also heard it can
> be confusing to use. I have a pared-down version of the Microsoft product
> that came bundled on my computer, which I have used a few times. The best
> feature there is the ability to re-size graphics right on the page. I
> don't plan to do really super fancy things, but I'd like to have a good
> software package because who knows what I might decide to do down the road?
> I would like comments and suggestions on current commercial, shareware or
> freeware software - good and bad comments encouraged!

Hi Vanessa, I've used HomeSite by Allaire for the last couple of years. Actually, when I first
started using it, I knew next to nothing about HTML. Using this program helped me to learn.

What I like about HomeSite is that, unlike FrontPage, it doesn't put in any extra, unneccesary
code. I can almost always tell when I am viewing a page created with MS FP - usually
because the document ends up extending far down past the end of any text or images. It does
this because MS FP tends to put a lot of extra tables in. I have no idea why.

I would recommend this program to anyone who has a basic knowledge of HTML or who
really desires to use a program and learn. HomeSite is *not* a WYSIWYG (what you see is
what you get) type of editor - which is what FP is. A WYSIWYG editor does have its
advantages for those who do not know nor do not desire to learn html.

Tami (Brewster, Church, Miller, Pike County

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