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From: Rod Neep <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Server Side Includes on freepages?
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 14:27:45 +0000

In article <>, Leigh Compton
<> writes

>SSI #include commands are a bit flakey on the Freepages server. Randy
>has tried to find out why they aren't working correctly in all cases
>and he's not been able to find the problem.
>I've found that I can get them to work almost all of the time if I use
>an empty HTML comment and a space just before the #include:
><!-- --> <!--#include file="filename.ext"-->

Leigh... or Randy (if you have the time!)

can you throw any light on the following:

a. A .css file on /genealogy_html/common/style1.css
cannot be called from /computers_html/index.htm
using relative addresses.

b. similar to the above with a .gif file (from genealogy)
needing to be called in an html file in the computers directory
(less of a problem, as I could use absolute addressing)

having said that I did the shortcut by having the .css file and the
graphics file in both directory systems... just that it seems a bit
wasteful of disk space... (I still remember when my first hard disk was
1Mb <grin> so old habits die hard).

Hey... I *asked* a question ;-)

Rod Neep - Gloucestershire, England

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