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From: Jim Keebaugh <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Absolute vs Relative links
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 19:58:46 -0800

>There is nothing wrong with using absolute addresses for everything....
>but links still do break actually... let's say I decide to move a web
>page file to a different directory: absolute links *from* it will be
>fine!!.... links from other pages *to it* will still be broken. ;-(

Right, of course. I only meant that the links FROM the page would not
break, even if I moved it into another directory. Links TO the page will
still all have to be changed by hand. I haven't figured out a way around
that one yet. :-)

>The real answer is to get the *structure* right at the *very* start, and
>not move pages ;-)
>for full details.
>The other disadvantage is when you (as you really should) develop the
>pages on your own hard drive locally before uploading them. The absolute
>links don't work at all. So you get pages without graphics, and can't
>easily flip between two pages which you are editing at the same time.
>Relative links always work both live and in development.

My solution to this one is to run a copy of Personal Web Server on my
machine. Everything works, including my SSI #include commands. However,
this is definitely one for the "advanced" list!

>In fact... probably the most common questions we have here on the list
>are "why don't my links work" and "why doesn't my picture display?". If
>folks used relative links and developed and tested their pages on their
>own computer before uploading them onto the Rootsweb server, then they
>would almost always see the error first... and see the answer too
><grin>. (Exception... different case file names... a link to Index.HTM
>on a windows machine will link to index.htm... but not work when live,
>because file names are case sensitive on UNIX... that's why I *always*
>use lower case letters for all file names and links!)
>and in good old AOL Press... there is a lovely little button that says
>"check links" and reports those that don't ;-)
>So me... I always use relative links between files in my own sites!
>(and absolute links to external pages)
>(well... almost always, but that's another story, and one for the
>FREEPAGES-ADVANCED-L .... but I can't honestly see that I would need the
>"trick" on Rootsweb Freepages anyway, - its a trick to get better search
>engine ratings - just on some other commercial sites I design and

My curiosity is getting the better of me. Can you divulge this trick, or is
it a company secret? Feel free to email me directly if you feel that this
is too far off topic. I think that we've wandered quite a ways from the
original question. :-)

And thank you again for all the good information.

Jim Keebaugh

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