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From: "Bob Craycroft" <>
Subject: RE: [FreeHelp] Blinking pictures?
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 18:57:53 -0500

What you are talking about is referred to as "mouse rollovers". It is a
function of a Java script. If you go to this site it will walk you through
creating the script you need.

Have fun.


The Craycroft and Bresnan Families

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Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2000 10:31 AM
Subject: [FreeHelp] Blinking pictures?

I am a newly (read simple) self-taught html-er. I visit many of the sites
mentioned in these digests and have seen a couple that held pictures that
change within the same spot on the page. One, as I recall, changed when the
mouse was placed over it. Another seemed to be changing due to the html

I'm creating three pages for which links are designated with an icon
containing a thumbnail photo, and would like for the thumbnails to vary.

I have looked through html help resources and didn't find the answer. Can
someone tell me if this can be set up with basic html or do I need to use
something specialized like FrontPage?


M. Pogue


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