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From: "Robin W. Moore" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Code for family group sheet and family tree form
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 08:41:44 -0700 (PDT)

From Sandy Repp <> on Thu, 07 Jun 2001:
...I had not backed-up were 2 pieces of code I had copied some time ago onto
notepads and saved (possibly originating on this list???). They were html
code for a family group sheet, and a family tree/Ahnentafel.

Though I plan to link people on my (in-progress) website to WorldConnect, in
a couple of cases this code would be really useful. Does this ring any
bells with anyone?

I think I have a copy of those two "files" in a folder up at my .computers
site, for the same reason you cite. Of course, isn't this the perfect time
for Doc to take FreePages down so I can't get to it (at least he's nicer
then the network people at work were a couple of weeks ago when they up and
deleted the network group account for my directorate's software development
environment. I spent three tense days bringing the server software and
networked desktop computers back online. Doc, you and your coworkers ARE

Anyway, Sandy, I'll check on those files for you as soon as I find FreePages
is back up. Also, I included the links on my 'Web Editing and Genealogy
Toolbox' shortcut page at to both 'Browse' and
'Search' the FreePages-Help email archives. There's a wealth of information
in the archives if you just give the search engine the right words (such as
'banners AND Boyd', for the people who are having problems with frames).
Until FreePages is back up, you can get to the search engine through .

There's also code you can place on your FreePages .genealogy page that runs
the WorldConnect search engine against your WorldConnect database. The code
for that is at .

Robin (rED..oO ROBBYN)

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