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From: "Robin W. Moore" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Fw: Using WebTv to view freepage site
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 06:02:50 -0700 (PDT)

On Monday, July 30, 2001, Barb Reininger <> wrote:
A gentleman who uses webtv can not view my freepage site. All he sees is
"gray bars". I know absolutely nothing about webtv. Could the tables be the
I don't have WebTV, but I've installed WebTV Network's Simulator, at
<>;, to ensure my pages are as
WebTV-friendly as possible. Here's a screen shot of what your page looks
like through the WebTV Simulator/Viewer:

Since that looked okay, I thought the problem might be the size of your web
page. Well, at 288kb, Dr. Watson refuses to even provide a download time
estimate. The second download time estimator link that I've put out on the
Web Editing & Genealogy Toolbox (at
<>; estimated the
average download time at 43 secs for a 14.4kb connection. And that's without
other network traffic.

I next thought that your background image--image001.jpe--might be at fault,
but that's only 12.2kb. Then I remembered that you said you did this in MS
Word. And that is your problem. MS Word adds in so much extra coding that
your file is way oversized and is a pain to download for lower speed
internet users. And tables are particularly hard for MS Word to prepare
without extra code.

Might I suggest that you switch over to using a (free) web page editor, like
1st Page 2000, that's designed for web page programming? I know it's an
intimidating option, but you otherwise cut off a lot of users from seeing
your web page as you meant it to be seen. Or they'll think that the slow
download is a network problem and cancel out viewing it.

There's a listing of free web page editors on the WE&GT page at

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