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Subject: [FreeHelp] Photo Display
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 10:04:31 EDT


You said:

> I'm sure that a clever programmer could produce a program which would build
> pages which have the thumbnails & the target photo on the same page. I
> just am not the programmer to do this. (I'm a power user these days!)


In my original post to the list, I sent this page as an example of what I was
looking for:

This sample java program "almost" does just that: It contains a program
which has the thumbnails & the target photo on the same page. This java
program featured on the above page is the closest to what I am looking for.
It displays 4 thumbnail images, with one image featured as a larger size, all
on one page. All photos are contained on the same page, therefore there is
no need to use "back" on your browser nor use any "back" or "forward"
buttons. This same is kind of neat but I just wish there were space for a
word description of the image being displayed. One thought I had (and others
also responded with this thought) was to create images with a larger
"canvass" and put the word description within the "canvas portion" of each
individual image.


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