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From: "Robin W. Moore" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Photo Display
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 12:42:45 -0700 (PDT)

Elsi <> wrote:
I'm sure that a clever programmer could produce a program which would build
pages which have the thumbnails & the target photo on the same page.

Shari <> replied:
This sample java program (at
<>;) "almost" does just
that: It contains a program which has the thumbnails & the target photo on
the same page. ... but I just wish there were space for a word description
of the image being displayed.
Hi, Shari -

I've bookmarked the page you found (thanks for your great research!) because
I know I'll have a future use for it. But I think the point Elsi was trying
to make is that the javascript66 doesn't take your image files and
automatically build pages with those image linkages in it for you, like
Thotor does. You have to cut-and-paste the javascript66 code to your page
and then manually edit in your image linkages.

Here are guidelines I'll be keeping in mind when I use the javascript66 code
to generate a web page:

1 - This can handle only a limited number of images effectively, because
certain html editors (like my FrontPage Express) edit javascript as a single
block of code. So if I need to repoint a hyperlink in the javascript to a
different address, I'll have to manually edit the javascript rather than use
the hyperlink tool in my html editor. The same goes for adding additional
image addresses to the javascript.

2 - All the images must be EXACTLY the same height, width, and orientation,
to avoid distorting any "odd-sized" images when they are displayed by
certain browsers (this has been a problem with many current javascripts
which don't have a browser sensor and compensation software built into

For automated slideshows from photo CD-ROMs, my choice is to stick with
Thotor, since I can crank out a finished product in less than an hour. You
can see some of my work at the "Photos:" address below; also I've added
instructions on creating Thotor photo slideshows to the Image Editing link
in my "Web Editing and Genealogy Toolbox" page.

And if you'd like to see four generations of Willinghams from the Richmond
VA area, check out the picture at
(that's me to the right of my dad's wheelchair, with my green-shirted
husband, Doug, standing behind me--but, unfortunately, our two children were
away on camping trips that weekend).

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