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Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Guestbook
Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 07:56:12 EDT

Hi Laurie,

Not to be the bearer of (more) bad news, but I tried to view your webpage and
obtained this message:


This Web page could not be opened. The page uses a version of HTTP that is
not supported by this Internet online service. HTTP defines how your Web
browser responds to commands. Please contact the owner of this Web page for
more information.

I use Aol 6.0 and IE 5.5.....


Cindy Kanny
The Orphans' Home Website

Subj: [FreeHelp] Guestbook
Date: 10/14/01 1:08:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Laurie Lovelace)
Reply-to: <A HREF="mailto:"></A> (Laurie Lovelace)

What is up?
I have a guest book, I had people entering information. I've been to the
Making and Using Guestbook Pages at Rootsweb, before to edit or delete
Now, my visitors can't put entries in my guestbook, they tell me this
message comes up for them
"The requested URL /~guestbook/cgi-bin/ was not found on
this server."
so I go into my site and put in a test message, it goes through ok. Don't
know why my visitor is having a problem. So I go to delete the message and
they tell me my guestbook doesn't exist. Yes, it's a Rootsweb guest book.
I also see that the guest book is no longer on the list of items on Rootsweb
index page any more. Is that why I can't get into edit? Is that why new
visitors can't enter messages.
my guestbook site is ~onmanitou not ~guestbook/cgi-bin
please tell me what's happening?
My url is

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