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From: "Joe Black" <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Re: Janie's Shasta County Page
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 09:19:53 -0600
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That script is Tripod's banner. It's on the page right after the <body> tag
and right before your heading tags, if you have them. Least, that's the way
it is on my Tripod pages. It is a script and a table for the banner.
Erase all that, see what happens.
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Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2002 11:10 PM
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Re: Janie's Shasta County Page

oh please help! I haven't been able to figure out why the page went into
download I made and uploaded like all the rest! but that batch is the only
ones that have the download name, and I can't find out why. I don't use
java script. I make all my pages with netscape composer. I had questioned
it, but never got any feedback so thought it was ok. the javascript may be
tripod's banner


At 11:57 PM 01/05/2002 -0500, red-robbyn wrote:
>On Saturday, January 05, 2002, Marcia Hellam <> wrote:
>Janie--You referenced your resources page at
><>; ... You have a link to
>the 1866-1884 Voters Registration records. ... Each time, the page started
>to load, then shut down the entire WebTV system.
>Marcia--both my WebTV Viewer and NetScape 4.0 couldn't access the page you
>identified. So I looked at the code using IE (which is usually the finicky
>browser on Moo-cher) and there's javascript called a "cache-busting LUBID
>bug" in it. It didn't set off any alarms with Norton antivirus and I
>couldn't locate anything of that name at <>, but I don't like
>some of the names of the less than a dozen sites that Google identified
>with that code in them (sites like Hackers Malvados, UndergroundPL, ...).
>Is anyone familar with that javascript and its purpose? Of course, the real
>problem could be something else entirely, but I honestly don't like the
>company that code keeps.
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