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From: Elsi <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Massive Photos
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 11:43:24 -0600
In-Reply-To: <>

At 11:49 AM 03/17/2002 EST, wrote:
>I do have a problem and not sure what to do. So forgive me, but I need to
>pick your brain's if I may. *grin.
>I have received a few pictures from a friend of my deceased cousin that were
>in Vietnam, late 60's, that I need to resize to use on his page honoring our
>vets in
>our family. Problem is that the file size is huge. I am talking about KB's
>not bytes.
>783KB! My psp won't even load the file its so large, so I couldn't reduce
>its size.
>Any suggestions on how to reduce its size without completely "frying" my
>I tried to get the sender to resize them, but they almost couldnt even send
>them, so
>am hoping there is some way or someone that can tell me a way, to get these
>pictures reduced. They are the only known pictures in existance of my
>so it is important to our whole family that we get them up on the page. A
>few hundred family members are waiting to see them.
>Any suggestions, advice, or help would surely be appreciated.
>Thanks to you all,

Nancy -- if you want to send me 1 (*one*) of the large pictures, I'm
confident that I can resize it. If so, then we'll discuss getting the rest
of them to me. 700K isn't all that big for photographs even though it's
rather large for e-mail attachments. Most digital cameras take 3.5
Megapixel images that weigh in at well over 1.5 Megabytes.


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