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From: Rod Dav4is <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] My pages viewed on Netscape.
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 06:25:14 -0400
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Joe, "looks OK in IE" does not mean that the html is valid. IE does a fair job
of compensating for all sorts of malformed html in pages. It is not a validator.
Browsers cannot be expected to render malformed html as you think it should
appear. HTML that doesn't conform to the specification can be rendered at the whim
of any browser -- and some do better at this than others.
Even if your html is perfect, this is no guarantee that all browsers will render
it as it should be. Browsers have bugs! Are you surprised? (And Netscape is probably
the worst in this regard.)
Also bear in mind that HTML is /not/ a layout language. User agents (browsers)
that conform to the international HTML specification have considerable latitude in
rendering the /style/ of the document. It is generally not worthwhile spending lots
of time trying to achieve precise control over how your page is rendered. Choice of
font size is a good example; Many browsers give the user considerable control over
the actual size to be used -- your painstaking specifications notwithstanding!
Style in html pages can be controlled with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) -- which
is another topic entirely!
So: Hie thee to a validator! They are numerous. I particularly like the one
developed and maintained by the HTML Standards organization itself:
Here is a list of others:

joebolger wrote:

> I recently had the chance to view my pages on a computer that had Netscape
> as a browser. Most of my pages looked okay, but some of them the graphics
> were all over the page and in the index page my anchors to the letters of
> the alphabet did not work. The anchors to specific parts of pages did not
> work either. What did I do wrong? It looks okay in IE. The page is:
> Thanks for any help.
> Joe Bolger

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