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From: Susan BARLOW Holmes <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] search engine / Thumbnail maker
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 08:23:03 -0600

>Search engines will pick your site up better if you know how to make
>proper use of "meta tags".
>Read about them here:
This page will offer advise and help on how to properly use meta tags..

Thumbnail maker....."Easy Thumbnails"
Easy Thumbnails is a popular freeware utility for creating accurate
thumbnail images and scaled-down/up copies from a wide range of popular
picture formats. An elegant interface makes it a snap to find your images
and select them for processing individually, in groups, or in whole
folders, using a simple file selector and built-in image viewer. You can
use slider controls to rotate images and adjust their contrast, brightness,
sharpness and quality, and check out the results with a convenient
built-in viewer.

Good luck...Happy Thanksgiving.

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