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From: Pat Asher <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V03 #108
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 18:56:06 -0400

At 11:10 AM 4/6/2003, you wrote:
>Thanks for the reply......I DID read the pages completely. I also did get a
>site that has my links on it. What I expected was my first page to be viewed
>when I typed in the address (URL) but instead get the links. Since I don't
>know what to expect...because I have never done it before at Roots web,
>probably what I got wasn't what I expected. Like I said, I expected a page
>already up with links on my pages to each other not a page with just links.
>I found your reply condescending...yeah, I don't have your experience, and I
>admitted that at the beginning. Your reply only makes me more uncomfortable,
>Laddie. "Lassie..." not a good choice.

Since your entry page is now displayed at your URL,
I assume the advice you received was both correct and understandable and
you were able to make the appropriate corrections. This list has
subscribers of all skill levels, from the newest of the newbies, to
experienced webmasters who can offer suggestions for the most esoteric
problems. Those of us with a bit more experience sometimes tend to jump
from one factor to another, forgetting that newbies may not be able to make
the same leaps. It is not meant to be condescending -- it is just human
nature. Ask again about anything you don't understand :)

>My only other problem is that my
>graphics do not show. They do on my composer page and when I check on
>"browse" in composer, but not when they are uploaded and on the Roots Web
>site that I have created. Any ideas why not? They mostly come from the
>net.....animation factory, for most. The pics that do come up are my own
>scanned. The pictures from other websites like Thomas Point Beach don't
>load. My links also don't work out of Netscape. My site is, like
>yours....... family I am going to
>go back and try everything again from the beginning and hope for the best.

Umm, is the address for FTP'g your
files. Your URL is as indicated above:
Neither contain www in the address.

Your home page contains image links to files named BBQ.gif and emblem2.BMP

The web is CaSe seNsiTiVE. Your files are named in all lower case, bbq.gif
and emblem2.bmp respectively. Correct your links to match your file names
and your images will automagically appear <g>


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