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From: "ajfurn" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Need help
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 13:48:53 +0100
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Don't give up. FTP is really not hard.

I don't think a third party helper will be of much use, unless you can get
someone to come to your house. Otherwise you will need to send the files to
that person/site before they can upload! Once FTP is set up, is far easier
to use than making email attachments, which would be your most realistic
option with a remote helper.

What are you using to do the FTP transfers? There may be something better
for you.

I use Cute FTP but there are other very good ones (some say better). I have
also used Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer in a simple 2-window
drag-and-drop arrangement. I taught one of my neighbours this method and she
has never looked back. I've only skimmed over Rootsweb's "File Manager" so
am not an expert, but would have to say that it is never likely to be
anyone's preferred solution if they have tried proper FTP software or even
the 2-Windows approach mentioned above.

I dare say that your problems centre around establishing an FTP connection
with your webspace for which you need to know the following, as sent to you
by email when you opened your RW account:
FTP Hostname: (in my case)
User ID: youruserid
Password: yourpassword

Without this information, you have no chance, so find that email.

Then, with your computer dialled-in (in the normal way), try typing the
following into the address line of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator:
ftp://youruserid: type="text/javascript">DisplayMail('','yourpassword');
and press the return key.

If you see a list of list of folders, then you have established an FTP
connection with your RW webspace, and have set up the first window of the
2-Window method.
Want to know more ......?


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Subject: [FreeHelp] Need help

> Hello,
> I have given up on trying to do the FTP myself.
> Would anyone know of a name or site that could or would do this for me? I
> willing to pay.
> Thanks, Beth

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