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Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] OK, this is getting really annoying (adserver)
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 20:19:48 +0000

Which page?

This one?

I ask because that one is 141.6k in size between the HTML(28.3k), CSS(5.5k),
JavaScript(.8k), and images(107k!) - and that's before the RootsWeb ads are

Pulling that page up within 20 seconds on a dial-up connection is amazing.

The RootsWeb banner was 20k though which *is* high. It would be nice if they
could reduce the file size on them some. The ad I saw could have been easily
reduced in size by simply not being animated. :)

Another I pulled up by reloading the page, a 16k JPG this time, could easily
have been compressed to 9k with no visible loss of image quality.

-Michelle :)
> Now that I have my DSL line the delays caused by your overworked
> server at are _painfully_ obvious. It's bad enough
> that you have to inflict these monstrosities on us, but to make us wait
> sometimes up to 20 seconds is just insult on top of injury.
> The chief problem is that my browser cannot begin rendering the page
> until the server has sent the ad image -- probably because your page
> fails to state the image dimensions. I haven't checked to see if that's
> the case, but that is the usual cause of such delays.
> In this case, it's a certainty that adserver is the cause of the
> delay; My browser posts its traffic in the status line, and the message
> "waiting for adserver..." (or something like) is in the status the
> whole time.
> Thank &deity; that the images can be cached!
> --
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