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From: Rod Dav4is <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V03 #194
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 17:17:40 -0400
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I didn't explain properly.
Sometimes -- not all the time -- I see a delay of a few seconds, up
to 20 seconds or more, _before_ the page begins to display. Then the
page loads and displays in a flash. During that delay, the screen is
blank and the browser status indicates that it is waiting for the adserver.
The browser is unable to render any part of the page because the
page has an image of unknown dimensions at the very top. Because the
page does not give the browser any dimension information (height= and
width=), it must wait for the image itself to arrive. Once the image
arrives and its dimensions determined, the browser can render the page
in an instant, from the content that has already arrived and been cached.
The image is cached, so navigation around the site proceeds without
undue delay -- until it is decided to change to a different ad. If the
new ad has not been downloaded and cached, another delay takes place.
So the problem is two-fold:

1. Failure to use dimension information on the IMG tags. If this were
done, the browser can leave a space of appropriate size for the
image, and format around it, filling in later when -- and if --
the image arrives. This is common practice among webmasters who
care about the usability of their pages.
2. The ads are on a separate server from our content. That server
seems to be overloaded, taking a long time to deliver the ads.
That by itself would be of little import but for the effect of
problem #1.
(This may be a network problem or a server problem, but the effect
from the user viewpoint is the same.)

The annoyance factor has two sources:

1. Seeing pages from other sites -- indeed, even RW, usually! -- load
in a flash. This is DSL, after all, and delays are all the more
2. Knowing that _sloppy coding_ (no IMG dimension data) prevents my
browser from rendering the page until the image arrives, making
the delay even _more _noticeable


Barbara Matthews wrote:

>You know this is funny... I use the oldfashion DIAL-UP with a two year old computer
>and my pages don't take anywhere near 20 seconds for a page to load... Even
>with the adds. I've always found the web pages there to load fairly quickly.
>It may be that there is something wrong with your computer.. maybe something
>is set up wrong. My dad has DSL at home and the times I'm worked from his computer
>I still find the pages load very quickly...

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