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From: "Nadine Holder" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Another desparate plea for help...
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 11:05:55 -0700
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Hi qvarizona - would guess you are a fellow Arizonan. I have a huge
geocities web site that I am trying to get up the nerve to transfer to my
rootsweb site. I started playing with it yesterday. I have not used any
uploading program as I find it much easier to copy and paste whatever to
notepad or word pad and after cleaning it up to then just copy and paste it
to my opened html file in rootsweb. Each of my pages on geocities is a
separate page as I like to keep them short so they will load quickly. The
problem you are going to run into with geocities pages is that the
programming on it is a royal mess as created by their pagebuilder (I suspect
it is on purpose to make it difficult for you to take your pages
elsewhere!). I finally decided it was worth the time and trouble for me to
learn more about HTML (which is actually a very simple language if you keep
it simple!). I bought a book at which is at about my
level (maybe kindergarten?) and it is terrifically helpful. Actually you
don't have to buy the book - you can use his lessons on line but it is just
more convenient for me to have it at hand.

Now I copy my geocities html page to wordpad on my computer(if you use
notepad they are executable - in wordpad they are not - however wordpad just
seems easier for me to use). To do this I go to html edit in geocities and
then select the whole page by scrolling down the whole thing. After
selecting it I then copy it - open wordpad and paste it. Then I will go
through and remove things like geocities ads and clean up their horrendous
html programming. But to avoid screwing something up I am learning the HTML
basics so I somewhat know what I am doing. When I think it is about right I
then select the whole thing, copy it and paste it on my rootsweb html edit
new blank page. I can then view it in rootsweb and fix whatever needs
fixing using the html editor there. On my first one I copied and pasted the
geocities page to notepad instead. This makes an executable page there and
you can test it after cleaning it up by saving it to your documents and then
opening the saved document which will look like your finished product in
rootsweb except that pictures won't show up. Then you can do some fixing
before transferring it to rootsweb. Clear as mud, right!

Hope this helps somewhat - but the problem is definitely not you - it is
with the geocities programming! Nadine
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From: "qvarizona" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 5:13 PM
Subject: [FreeHelp] Another desparate plea for help...

> For longer than I like to admit, I've been trying --without much
success-- to move my many webpages from
> to Did get my home
index page moved, but as you can see, it somehow layered over the ads, which
I suspect is not what the sponsors intended. I hope no one will think I'm
trying a "cover-up". I assure you, it was unintentional, and I can't seem
to fix the problem. Is there some html language that will solve this?
> But I have more problems, and am hoping someone who has already moved from
geocities can give me some pointers.
> Although I know a wee bit about html, and can do some editing --add meta
tags, spider-invites, etc.-- there's no way I can write an html page with
tables, graphics, links, etc. so I am using EasyWebEditor to create new
pages or to do a copy/paste from one of my geocities pages. I transfer
them to freepages using WS FTP. So far, no problems... well, a few, but
nothing that causes me pain and anquish, and nothing that seems unsolvable.
But after I transfer pages, I mostly just bring them home to my computer
again, because I can't seem to use them online.
> Trouble comes --I think--because I still don't understand the freepages
editor, file manager or directory system. When I transfer a file, there is
the html page + graphics, style page, etc. How do I organize them or do I?
How do I organize my different reports and link to them? Do I have to bring
my index page "home" to my computer and do all the links there? Would sure
end up with a lo-ooong page to work with.
> I imagine the first problem I should solve is the one that prevents the
sponsor's ads from fully showing. And by the way, please answer as though I
were an idiot, as I seem to have developed a mental block that is preventing
my following any but the most simple of directions! I'm feeling so
dim-witted that I'm not even sure what questions to ask, but I hope that
won't prevent my getting help.
> You know, I feel better just sharing this with someone besides my poor,
patient husband. I thank you on his behalf as well as my own, for any
help at all. Even a kind word would be appreciated.
> Joanne
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