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From: "Blake M. Stough" <>
Subject: RE: [FreeHelp] Help needed with redesign of website
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 17:59:09 -0400
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Thanks for your response. Here is a little more on the subject...

Note, when I reference the various sites I will have, I am referring to the
various sections on my site, not more than one site.

Regarding the various surname, etc. sections that I plan on having. At this
time, I do not feel that I will need to have "button" links on one site to
another. I will have links on my home page to the various sections, and that
is it. If I need to link to one site from another, I will manually add a


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From: Nelda Percival [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 5:28 PM
Subject: RE: [FreeHelp] Help needed with redesign of website

I use frontpage 2000.

Plan 1... if you used folders you wouldn't have the problem of confusion
with it being a large site.

Plan 2... if you created different websites (as listed in front page) the
links between them would have to be done manually.. not hard if you know
your html coding.... but each time you creat a new website in frontpage it
will automatically create you an index page which you would then have to

I have over 800 pages, in I think its 12 sections/folders.. One works well
for me


Nelda L. Percival nee Gilpin, IBSSG
Beatty #005 & #10; Graves #231

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