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From: "Nelda Percival" <>
Subject: RE: [FreeHelp] Re: borders vs. text
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 14:55:45 -0700

Did you create your own boarders or use some one elses graphics? I create my
own when I use a repeating boarder I make it 2 inches by 16 inches .. a
browser will repeat the back ground as many times as is needed to fill the
I have found the the actual boarder of the 2x16 inch jpeg should only be
about 1 inch wide... the rest is back ground so that it does not repeat its
self to the right but does to the vertical....
when a back ground picture is to narrow it will repet its self to the

I then use a table to keep the wording or content of the page from over
riding the left side boarder.
hope that helps

Nelda L. Percival nee Gilpin, IBSSG
Beatty #005 & #10; Graves #231 & #105

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Subject: [FreeHelp] Re: borders vs. text
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 14:35:04 EDT

Hello Again Listers;
Well, I thought I had my problem solved, then I learned I did not. I could
sure use your help here. Frustration is beginning to set in! :)

I'm using a 'floral border background' on my page. The floral border is
suppose to appear only on the left side, but is showing up on both sides.
my text is running into the border.....
on the left side if the browser window is small, and on the right if the
browser window is large!!

#1.....I don't want the border on the do I get rid of it?
#2.....How do I keep the text from moving into the left hand border?

Thanks for your help,
Mikki Judge
Buffalo, Scott, IA

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