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From: Ken McInnes <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] resolutions ?
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 00:11:42 +1000

G'day all,

The aim should be to make your webpages in such a way that the 'content' is
readable on all computers, on any browser, and ideally on any device, and for
the content to be as easy to use as possible.

If you want to see what your page might look like at other resolutions, then
sure you can reset the screen resolution for your computer. (You should never
have to set your screen resolution to see a webpage.)

If you want to see what your page might look like if a user changes the font
size, then you can go to the browser menu and change 'View' / 'Text size'.

If you want to see what your page might print like, then check that as well, by
having a look at your webpage using 'Print preview'. (I am surprised how many
pages are set too wide to be printed. USA uses 8-1/2 inch American Quarto width
paper, but the rest of the world uses the narrower and longer ISO A4 paper.)

If some content such as a left menu *has to have* a set width, then set that,
but let the rest of the page width be decided by the browser. Often style will
set the width better than using tables.

If you have a background image that you do not want repeated across the page,
then either make the original background image 'very' wide (say 2000pixels), or
set the background image to not repeat on the page by using style.

Don't let the 'gee-whiz' design templates overwelm the content of your websites,
after all it is the content that you want people to note, not your fashion taste.

Try using your page using only the keyboard, 'tabbing' and 'enter', and the 'up
and down', 'left and right' arrows, rather than using your mouse. Sometimes this
will show up problems with some of the fancy javascript menus, or 'flash' graphics.

Validate your pages using say the validator at <>;

Check the accessibility of your page, using say the tester at

After all, maybe it is you that will want to access your web page in a decade or
two, when your hand dexterity has declined, and your vision has deteriorated.


Ken McInnes

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