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Subject: Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V04 #307
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 16:30:23 +0200
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Hallo Dale,

I see where the icons should appear, but I just see a blue vertical bar
(which IS clickable, so the link is active).

I counted the number of columns in each table, and note that of 11
columns you assign a colspan of 9 for the name and title, but DO NOT
assign a colspan of 2 for your icon. If colspan = 2 is sufficient width
(and don't forget varying screen sizes), then the icon should appear; if
it still doesn't, although it would be more work for you, perhaps
consider making the font size a point smaller, and assigning the
name/title of each table only a colspan of 8, permitting colspan=3 for
your icon.

It might just be that in view of the quantity of material you want to
appear on the page, then the icon will not fit in the table box...

Suggestion in that event: add a row at the bottom of each table, in the
appropriate colour, and put the icon in that? ie colspan=11 and centre
the icon? (At the bottom so that people look at the results first, the
family tree afterwards.)


> Sujet:
> No one else sees my icons
> De:
> Date:
> Wed, 13 Oct 2004 07:50:17 -0400
> A:
> I have just updated my Freepages webpages, putting in some
> white-colored icons that say "FAMILY TREE" and which are supposed to
> allow a visitor to click on them and take him or her to the family
> trees of the various lines of those with our Bricker surname. However,
> I am told by some visitors that they can see none of the icons, while
> other visitors say they only see the icon that appears in the
> light-blue colored box which says "Peter Bricker (1700-1760) of
> Lancaster Co., PA". They should be seeing an additional three white
> icons on the page.
> To my eyes, the code for all four icons, called familytree5.jpg, looks
> identical. Here is what I have, for example, for the seemingly
> invisible icon in the violet-colored "Nicholas Bricker" box:
> <td height=20 class=xl114 colspan=9>Nicholas Bricker (1732-1803) <a
> href="nicholastree.htm"><IMG SRC="familytree5.jpg"
> align="middle"></a><br>York County, PA</td>
> Could someone please look at my code for

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