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From: Kenny Hedgpeth <>
Subject: Re: spam: [FreeHelp] HOME PAGE LISTING
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 15:49:37 -0700
References: <001901c4b3b5$22d56780$280e5040@yourze8cxvr8tt>
In-Reply-To: <001901c4b3b5$22d56780$280e5040@yourze8cxvr8tt>

for starters ... which one of these is the entry point "Front door" to
your web site ? when you share your web link with other's ... they are
not going to know where to go first, unless you lead them just a bit :(

believe it should be just " /index.html " ... not
/TeeterKinMyIndex.html or /copy_of_TEETER%20KIN.htm for one of these :)

Only change one of them to index.htm or index.html ... as if you do both
of them the same, you will acidently over write the other :( Also
suggest you dicide if you are using htm ot html as the extension, and
stick with that one ...

also you need to give your home page a name / title ...

here is an example that you might try [remove the dot inside the angle
brackets] ...

<.html><head><title>Teeter / Teetor Kin</title>
<.META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="teetor, teeter">
<.META NAME="Description" CONTENT="sharing and exchange of genealogical
data pertaining to our Teeter, Teetor, White, Pointer, Poynter, Black
and Durham Kin"></head>

then your section for "The WHITE & POINTER (POYNTER) FAMILIES" could be
moved to a separate page with links back and forth to each other ...

same with the section for "The BLACK Family Tree"

and also the section for "The DUNHAM Family Tree"

each of these additional pages could have the above code add to them
also, modifying the title and keywords to correspond with the page that
it pertains to :) Note: only the entry point of your web pages will show
up in the Freepages directory ...

Now as for the Freepages Index ... that directory for Freepages is
clumbsy at best, in trying to locate a perticular web page :( although
they are separated by the first letter of the pages TITLE, once you get
to the T's or any other letter ... they are not alphabitized beyond that
point :( one has to scroll through the whole list in search of what they
are looking for :( i.e. Tilda, Teetie, Thomas, Tadder ...

So first you need to rename the page which every one is going to be your
entry point "front door", then set the Title of your web page ... then
you can get linked into that directory too :) ALONG with other's being
able to find your pages, convinantly else where through various search
engins too :)

I just now using Netscape search engin for "Teeter" ... I found this,
which is not very good if you want people to find your data pages :(

# 10
Index of /~teeterkinmy
[New Window] <>;
Index of /~teeterkinmy. Parent Directory; 5gems.jpg; TEETER KIN;
TeeterKinMy; TeeterKinMyIndex.html; a-teeter.jpg; americancry.gif;
anna1915ollie ... [Preview This
Site] <>;

Google search found basically the same, # 10 also ...

more later on ...

Ken Hedgpeth ~ Altadena, CA ~ USA
searching for all H*D*P*TH variants WorldWide !

lakeshore32 wrote:

>My home page does not appear in the freepages.genealogy listing.
>I have had some problems lately and hope they are fixed.
>Can someone please look at my site and give me some input.
>Truly perplexed here,
>Laurie for TeeterKinMy (TEETER KIN)
>God Bless you.
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