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From: Patricia Geary <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] I just don't understand - pictures & adverts
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 18:54:21 -0500
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At 11:03 PM 12/13/2004 +0000, Sylvia Harber wrote:
>Thank you so much for your help with this, it wasn't as painful as I had
>expected in the end.
>The revised page with the thumbnails is now up at:
>Although I don't know if it actually loads any faster, I am quite pleased
>with the result.

Hi Sylvia,

It looks good. I unlinked the style sheet to see if that might be your
problem with the Rootsweb Ads. Without it, the ads at the top and bottom
are where they should be. The navigation bar and logos come first then the
main content which would lead me to believe it might be in the styles. You
might try taking out the styles for the ad and see what happens.

I can't really tell on load time as I have a cable connection and your
pages loads instantly.

Pat G.

Pat Geary
Harrisonburg VA

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