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From: Pat Asher <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V05 #69
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 20:15:47 -0500
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At 02:01 PM 3/7/2005, Pj wrote:
>A gif named Art Click doodad 33 should look like: "img
>src="artclickdoodad33.gif" There can be no spaces in any of the code
>including the URL of your page. If you need a space then use the
>underscore to create it like this: "art_click_doodad12.gif" Do not
>capitalize any letter excpt at the beginning of a paragraph. Some browsers
>just can't handle it.

Um, browsers can handle either upper and/or lower case letters. Problems
occur with links when you test them with your MS Windows operating system,
which is case insensitive, and the server to which you have uploaded your
files is case sensitive. RootsWeb servers use UNIX/LINUX and recognize
cat.jpg, Cat.jpg, and CAT.JPG as 3 different files. You can name your
files however you wish, using any combination of upper or lower case
letters. But when you write links in the HTML in your page, you must write
them eXaCTly the same as the file name.

>Here's some tidbits: The hash mark / is a switch much like the wall switch
>at home that turns lights on and off. The forward hash / is ON. The
>opposite \ is off. If they get reversed, something will not be seen on the

Not quite :) "/" indicates a subdirectory on the server. "\" indicates a
subdirectory on your hard drive.

>Have a good day. HTML is fun if you don't take it too seriously.

I agree, writing your own HTML can be fun. It's fascinating to type and
save something like
<.font color="#ff0000" size="+2">My Family<./font>
in NotePad, then open the saved filed (saved as myfamily.html) in your
browser and see your text in bright red large letters.

However, you do have to be semi-serious about it since HTML is finicky, and
minor errors in language or syntax can result in major differences in the
way your page does or does not appear, compared to what you intended <evil


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