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From: Hugh Watkins <>
Subject: Re: Web pictures
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 06:52:22 +0000
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Have you learned how to log on ?

and then

"HTML Editing Controls"
"Create new HTML file"

"Don't know where to start? You can create a basic page here"
this will create an index page destroyin an existing oneso use

Subdirectory Operations
Cretae Subdirectoy

ie unix speak for "New Folder"
you could make one called "sandbox "

and use it to experiment

I make all my pages in this way
if you scroll down

my usual style sitemap is at the top
Listing of

I copy pasted and edited stuff out of the on line editor
AKA file manager

into Netscape 7.2 Composer WYSIWYG editor
then using the view HTML tab
copy pasted the resulting html back into a new HTML page
I had created and named fullsitemap.html

my basic footer is:-
created March 12 2005 by Hugh Watkins
dnkcen Site Map

This simple navigation idea means that any user is never more than 2
clicks from a desired page

and then revision dates help me see which pages I need to check for
broken links and update

I made the full site map to try and get web crawlers to see and cache
and index the whole site

>>as retrieved on 15 Apr 2005
Google's cache is the snapshot that we took of the page as we crawled
the web. <<
============an example ======================
I am going to turn

into another web page

is open in Netscape 7.2 ( a freebie to download)
Menu > file > Edit page


clean up
click the table at the top
menu > table > delete

and again select and delete all above
Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1
select Index | Individual | Descendancy | Register | Pedigree |
Download GEDCOM to the bottom



select all (control + A)
menus > format > remove links


tab at bottom


control a control c

and all is safely on my clipboard


back to
I am logged on (from favourites + cookie)

ahnentafel_father.html exists so in the same style
Create new HTML File

Enter the name of the file (.html will be appended):
button Create and Edit

delete "New file" the defaault text


form the clip board
control V

pastes in (6) from above

(F) this contains some junk at the top and bottom to be cleaned out

<head> delet down to <hr noshade="noshade" size="1" width="99%">


I put in

I delete at the foot
from <hr noshade="noshade" size="1" width="99%"><br> </body>
<script language="JavaScript">OAS_AD('Position1');</script>
<script language="Javascript"
because when you copy paste the body of a message the adverts get put
in by the server

now I need my standard header and footer
this is boiler plate from any other of my web pages on the same site

view source

<title>ahnentafel of the mother of Hugh Watkins</title>
I leave out meta tags as google seems to ignore them


<hr size=1>

<a href=>sitemap
of this site </a><br>;

updated April 19 2005 <a href="mailto:">Hugh

oops !!! change to created April 22 !!

================= SAVE ============

it is important not to have 2 <body> tags
and to stripout all ad server scripts because they get put back when
you save the page

000000000 back in the file manage page 0000000000000

right click view open in new window

>> She married Joseph S Forman, <<
oops this is an error generated when I upload any gedfcom
it was an importnat friendship

editing and revising the page

I use two browser windows
in the View
check links work

HTML Editing Controls

select button in front of ahnentafel_mother.html

click edit html


editng the language and format
so I put in a </p><p>

(IV) save and continue editing

(V) click reload on

to see what happened
oops not buried but cremated !!!

so I go back to (III) and continue fixing the page

>>>>>>>>> many edits later <<<<<<
I don't use previews
and back button
because it is safer to save my work

much remains to be done to tidy the wording of that page

but web pages are not made of stone but can be revised at any time

so better get a rough and ready page up and published and googled
than awiat perfection


what is left to do?

three things

using my google tool bar I hit the BlogThis button

which auto generates this code
ctrl a ctrl c to the clip board

<a href="">ahnentafel
of the mother of Hugh Watkins</a>


in file manager (save)
edit sitemap

paste in the above href after a <br> in an apropriate place

OOPs I forgot to change th update date to date
so edit again


edit index
<a href="">ahnentafel
of the mother of Hugh Watkins</a><br><br>
pasted in

updated April 22 2005


well that is one way of making web pages
Listing of

header with title
body with text and images
footer for navigation via site map , update date and a mailto

links added to site map and front page


google has last crawled it on Monday, April 18, 2005

so eventually it will find my new page

anyone heading for SoG fair in London ?
may be see you guys
a beer at 500pm?

Hugh W

On 4/22/05, Carl Sheperd <> wrote:
> Hi Hugh,
> You wrote that I should have only about two pictures on a "page". My
> problem at the moment is that I do not know how to create more than one page
> so I have everything on the same page. I would very much like to create
> additional pages and add a lot more info on my web site but do not know how
> to do this yet. I have "links" to other sites but do not know how to get
> additional pages on my site. Any suggestions or direction on doing this
> would be greatly appreciated. --Carl

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