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From: "Michael Hymer" <>
Subject: RE: [FreeHelp] RE: Something's off with my footer.....
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 17:03:23 -0400
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There's really nothing you can do about the code Rootsweb inserts for
the banner ads. You should always have a clean copy of your files on
your hard drive (local) plus a backup for safety. When you validate,
use your local copy not the Rootsweb version(it won't validate) and
never download a copy to replace a lost backup unless you really,
really have to.

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From: Billie Walsh [mailto:]
Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 10:25 AM
Subject: [FreeHelp] RE: Something's off with my footer.....

I have an interesting tool bar on my Firefox browser. It allows me to check
any page I happen to be on. Usually I use it for my own stuff but......

HTML coding can be checked for any page at:

When I used it on: it
showed some bad coding for the Rootsweb add-ons, as it usually does. [ They
can't code any better than most of us so don't feel to bad about your own ]
It also showed a few problems with the page. Quite possibly from past
changes to the coding as it has evolved. The results of the check can be
seen at:

By superimposing the source coding over the results page It appears that
most of the coding problems stem from a lack of "<doctype....?" declaration
as specified in the results page.

To see what validation services are available see:

Billie Walsh
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