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From: Judy Lymbery <>
Subject: Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V05 #224
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 12:46:29 +0100
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Jill Muir wrote, inter alia:

>>>See Glamorgan Mailing List website at:-

I had a look at that surname mailing list, since I have lost some old
rellies in South Wales, and any source may be of value.

On that website there is an excellent and very useful page about
Viruses, Attachments and Hoaxes etc giving fundamental advice to a lot
of people new to genealogy who are, in my experience, very unknowing,
dare I say naive, about using the Internet.

However Jill, I was horrified to find that on the page with some sample
surnames (,
there are a lot of email addresses given "in the clear" - just look at
the page source.

This is wonderful for the spam bots (aka email addy harvesters) - and I
wonder if some of those people listed there are wondering why their
inboxes are filling with spam.

I stopped using surname mailing lists some time ago for this very
reason. If the webmaster could not guarantee that any email addresses
listed on a web list were encrypted to prevent email address harvesting
by spam bots, then I didn't want to know.

Unfortunately, I posted quite a few surnames of my own interests a few
years ago, in my early genealogical days and when spam was still a
sandwich filling which came in tins. Those submissions are now coming
back to haunt me, since my old email addy was ALWAYS "in-clear" on those
lists. And, those surname lists are still out there...!!! With my info
on them!!! Wide open to the spam bots!!! They will be there for
ever...!! And the original webmasters no longer take any interest in
their lists or any maintenance thereof, and certainly don't respond to
requests to delete me from their websites.

I am currently receiving some 30 to 40 spam emails PER DAY, and I know
from the email address being used that they are originating from old
surname mailing lists and an old website I had on Compuserve and which I
cannot get erased. I could of course just ditch that old email addy.
But, since genealogy is a long-term pursuit, I still have a lot of
correspondents across the world who will only have that email addy. And
I have found that old friends tend to resurface after gaps of years,
when some new info has turned up. That is what this game is all about,
and why we all love it so much.

I may be accused of being paranoid about this subject, but when I
researched in depth about spam bots, I cut my spam intake down from over
a hundred and twenty a day to the figure quoted above. Simply by
encrypting my email address on my own websites.

So please fellow researchers - DO NOT submit your surname interests to
surname mailing lists which publish your non-encrypted email address.

And please mailing list hosts - respect your correspondents and their
privacy. Spam regrettably is a nasty and perfidious fact of modern
internet life, and we should all do our best to limit it's proliferation
as much as possible.

I would respectfully suggest one has a look at:


Judy Cliff
Nottingham UK

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