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From: "Ann & Terry Spiro" <>
Subject: That last BODY there is displaying on the screen.
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 10:20:06 +0800

Dear Sondra and other listers,
Many thanks for your encouraging words. I was all poised for a big let-down when I sent the email, so I was thrilled to hear that I'm not being kicked out into the streets LOL!

I will answer the 'answers' one at a time. This one's regarding the extra 'body' in the file.

<TITLE>Blacksmiths Index</TITLE>
</HEAD>BODY I actually did pick that up myself yesterday and deleted it. On my index file it and clicked on 'refresh'. The word disappeared on my working file - but on the freepages.rootsweb, it's still there.
I recalled seeing advice on this list :- hold down shift key when refreshing. So I did that when I re-loaded the corrected file to rootsweb. However, the 'body' is still showing.
By the way, when uploading, which 'resfresh' key are people referring to. The key at the bottom where it says browse, send,refresh...or the refresh button at the top, where the names of my files appear? I thought I had to have body's or <P>'s before and after everything I entered.

This is what I have (in notepad)
<TITLE>Blacksmiths Index</TITLE>

<BODY BGCOLOR="#CCFFCC" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#0000FF" VLINK="#339966" ALINK="#FF0000"></BODY>
<FONT COLOR="#000000"><B><FONT FACE="GEORGIA"><H2 ALIGN="CENTER">The Blacksmiths Index</H2></B>

I'l answer Pat and Barry next. Thankyou one and all.


Ann in Australia

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