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From: Familytwigs <>
Subject: Still Working
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 10:08:47 -0500

I did not know about this. I'm sorry.
I have gotten it to valadate except for the links. I don't get errors on
them, only warnings. It is the ampersand I think. Can I change that?
I read about css and table background color. Until I've learned more I
can't see a way to designate one table for background color. I'm sure there
is one, I just haven't found the right lesson or tutorial yet. The same with
bordercolor. I couldn't use hex. colors. It wouldn't show. All the table
borders went black. Bordercolor is still a problem. But with my validator it
did validate.
This is only the first page. I will fix everyone as soon as I have gotten
the front one ok.
I should have caught that the meta tag maker made the whole top part, and I
didn't. I have added my main surnames.

Twigs (Sheri)^..^
CC JacksonCountyIN GenWeb

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