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From: Hugh Watkins <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V05 #294
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 05:15:20 +0000
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use the default fonts

arial for headers

times for text

because they are on nearly all 'puters

fancy stuff will look horrible on some computers

"The truly insidious effects of the FONT element are reserved for
users of popular graphic browsers like Netscape and Internet
Explorer." written in October 1996 is too busy for my taste

shows a clear simple very readable layout


W3C has a Working Group to develop the eXtensible Style Language
(XSL). XSL builds on DSSSL and CSS and is primarily targeted for
highly structured XML data which, e.g., needs element reordering
before presentation. For more information on XSL see the W3C XSL
resource page.
Note: This essay, written in October 1996, remains one of my most
requested web documents, downloaded 2349 times during a week in
September 2002. Though the Web has changed a great deal since 1996,
the FONT element is still around, and still exhibits all the harmful
effects described below, even in modern browsers. Fortunately, Style
Sheets are much more widespread than they were, and these can avoid
most of the harmful effects of the FONT element. <<

The <FONT> element, especially with a FACE attribute, is one of the
worst scourges to have hit the Web in recent times. While it is
possible to put <FONT> to good use, most applications are not
advisable, as testified by this article devoted to <FONT>. The article
points out the bad effects that <FONT FACE> can have even when used
for the purpose it was designed for (controlling style), but does not
address the problems it creates when misused in multilingual
documents; this is what we will discuss here

Hugh W

On 9/4/05, randy hanna <> wrote:
> Hi All
> I do understand about RootsWeb polices on PDF files and that is understandable and what Pat said about put it on another web site and linking to it would solve the problem...I have SBC Yahoo Internet Service and I can get hosting from them to put my PDF files on.
> Thanks Pat for clearing everything up.
> Also what is the best font and size to use in Web Pages?
> Thank you
> Randy Hanna
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