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From: "Ralph Taylor" <>
Subject: FW: submitting my family tree to rootsweb freepages site
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 11:46:22 -0600

Let me second Pat's sage advice:
For simply posting a family tree on the Internet, Rootsweb's WorldConnect is
a better and easier solution than developing a website to post on RW's

Freepages & WorldConnect are different media. Each has its uses. Each one
does some things better than the other. Both are "on the Internet", if
that's the prime consideration.

Posting on WorldConnect avoids having to create the HTML code & complex
links that the World Wide Web requires. WorldConnect takes care of that for

While I don't use Family Tree Maker, I'm sure that it has a feature allowing
you to export your tree to a GEDCOM-standard file, probably under
"File/Export". (The filename ends in ".ged".) It's a simple matter to sign
up for uploading your GEDCOM file and then upload it. If you've signed up
for a Freepages account, you can handle this. Go to, click on "Start Here", and follow the
instructions. At some point, you'll have to tell WorldConnect the name of
the file on your computer & where it is, then click on "Upload/Update".

This will also do away with the need to upload 18 megabytes of files; you
upload only the GEDCOM, usually much smaller than this -- unless you have
many thousands of persons in your tree. My own GEDCOM, for instance,
contains about 1500 individuals with extensive notes & sources and takes up
less than 1 megabyte.

WorldConnect is more easily searchable than Freepages and that's an
advantage for making contact with others interested in your ancestors and
their families.

Later, if you decide you really need your won website, you can delve into
the complexities of HTML, FTP, etc.


On 06/30/2006 LaRosa Middleton wrote:
> Would you please advise me in simple steps how to submit this to
> to the site you have allocated to me.

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