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From: "Ron Lankshear (Sydney Aust)" <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Useful tools for Html etc for your data
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 14:25:18 +1100

I have had great help for my web site. And I thought I would pass on
some tools I just found for creating data etc for my web site.

I use my web site as a research aide - really the copy on my hard drive.

I have an Ancestry subscription and copy/paste their lists of people or
it could be any hit list of data from anywhere.
I try to use Firefox as a web browser rather than MSIE BUT the
copy/paste did not work well and lost format especially into Excel.
Then I found Table2clipboard

T2C is really good - it is simple to install in Firefox. Press and hold
CTRL and click on Table elements you want to copy. And paste into html
editor etc as an uncluttered table or a simple text. It is better than
what you could do in MSIE - there you have to copy a whole load of data
- with Table2clipboard you select which bits of data you want. Such as
in Ancestry the "View Record" column - the one with spouse parents names
- you just select the data you want.

I'm also using IETab which means in Firefox I can use the Ancestry
enhanced image viewer

And If you are like me and use the web on your hard drive as a research
tool - there is JSVIEW. MSIE allowed me to open from the browser the
page on my hard drive in my html editor - I could not see how to do
this. JSVIEW has an option to set an editor (could be Frontpage of NvU
etc) so that in Firefox I click right on a page and select JSVIEW and
opens my local page in my editor.

All these addons require you to be using Firefox but does not have to be
your default browser - NOTE all are FREE

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