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From: "Judy Florian" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Adding another family line to web site +how?
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 11:25:47 -0500
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1. Fully using space allocated to your account/website.
2. One "folder category" (such as family;; or generalogy) can hold basically
unlimited webpages (RW asks webmasters to ask if the website potentially
will be huge, but when I inquired, I was given the impression that my
concept of huge is different than RW's.)
3. By proper linking and cross-linking, one website can be spread among the
default folder categories with little difference to users.
4. By use of a different background and setup, you can make the sencond
category folder look like an entirely different website, but still have
users recognize it is all one site. This allows for more creativity; less
boredom for the webmaster by not using the same background on 1,000 or more
5. You can separate one main family branch, and put all the collateral
families in one default folder.
6. One account name and one password for all default category folders.
7. If you wanted, you could assign 2 different contact emails to each
default folder -- or -- use one email in both.
8. The ability to spread out. This makes Site Contents page(s) less
9. The ability to devote one entire default category folder to one primary
10. You could devote one category - say family - to actually being a
personal family website and not crosslink to the other site that you want
the public to access. This doesn't mean the site would be private--- the
public could find the pages/website, but you just don't HAVE to link the 2
default categories through clickable links.

1. You'll need to give to users both URLs to the 2 indexes for the 2
2. You'll need a system to remember what you put where. LOL This gets
harder as your sites grow.
3. In cross-linking between the default category folders, you will need to
use the full URL to create the link, instead of a relative and shorter URL.
If you are not good with your brain memory, this may mean uploading a page
in "family," going to the webpage to get the URL, then inserting that URL
onto a page that is in the "genealogy" folder.
4. You'll need sub folders on your computer... each named the same as the
default category folders.
5. If you have pages in 2 default category folders, AND if your collective
page count is more than what Free Search Engines allow, you MAY either buy
more search engine ability.... OR you may need to open 2 FREE search
accounts so that your entire website is spidered for "on site" search. 2
Free on-site search accounts ARE allowed. However, you will also use 2
separate codes on each default category to make the search boxes work.

That's all I can think of right now.


On 3/30/07, Elsingers <> wrote:
> What would be the disadvantage of putting a second genealogy in one of the
> other sub-folders, say, "family"?
> LuAnn
> >You could use one of the other directories that is set up for you but
> >it would not under genealogy. Maybe family or misc. Or you could set
> >them up in different folders. That is how I handled it but they are
> >all part of my family or my husband's -
> >each family line is in a separate folder and any pages they might
> >share are in the main directory.
> >pat
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