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Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 18:16:25 -0500

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Subject: [FreeHelp] pics with Word

I like to create my web pages with Word 2003 and then upload onto freepages.
The pics show up as a empty square with a small red X in the upper left
corner of the empty square. What am I doing wrong for I have watched the
case, I have even uploaded those pics to the freepages site 1st then add to
my webpage in the making of the document and then upload entire document and
still nothing, make sure it is a jpg, gif, etc... and sometimes my
background don't show if they are not "plain janes". HELP?????

I can't afford Frontpage and I don't want a plain looking page for


Tanya Williamson


I too was use to wordperfect but for my webpages I have a found a free
program to use called "Trellian WebPage" it works good for me. You can find
the free download at I
download all my pics on photobucket. Photobucket gives you a url to use for
each one of your pics and you can catagorize them into folders. You can
find photobucket at it is also free. Trellian gives
you an option to click on your pic and put in the url for it. Then when you
download your page to freepages, your pic will show up. Hope this helps.


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