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From: Patricia Geary <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] CSS Based Templates
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 08:32:49 -0400
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At 07:04 PM 6/14/2007, Dora Smith wrote:
>How lean it can be? The reason why WORD makes HUGE HTML files is
>that it uses CSS. Plain ol' HTML does teh same things far more
>succinctly. The whole way CSS is set up necessarly takes up huge
>amounts of file space. To add a line break you need an entire
>program to define what's a line break and what it looks like, and
>another whole program to call the program to tell it what to do. I
>mean.... ????

Word is first and foremost a word processor. It will allow you to
save your pages in HTML format but you still get all the junk code it
creates. css stands for cascading style sheet. a style sheet is a
separate document that is either embedded in the top of your page or
for the best solution is a completely separate document that is loaded once.

If you use the external style sheet with ALL your styles, the html
document is just that - a document with just your code and NO styling
at all. Take a look at the simplest of the templates If
you view the source of the page you will see it is strictly the html
code and the content. All styling is on the attached syle sheet.

Word cannot create that kind of a file. Word is meant to be used as a
word processor where the document is then printed. The styles need to
be in the document so the printer knows how the content should look.
If you try and save it as a web page it will still contain all of the styles.


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